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About us

‘When nature lent us her untrimmed theme park and botanical gardens to grow up around, she offered us the option of expressive living. Nature’s playground of wild flowers, rain forests, scenic creeks with cold, slow moving waters and the mysterious mountains shaped us to tune into our own inner compass and determine what felt right for us. Our organic world gave us an extra special childhood; offering us priceless insights to sail through to the present.’ Annamons (Co-founders of BAOBABSOUL)


Our work and us

BAOBABSOUL is a creative clothing company put on track by two sisters for all the fabulous women out there. The creations are largely sprinkled with memoirs from childhood, celebrating Mother Nature in her many hues, layers and textures. Reminiscences of grassy glades of fresh morning dew and fragrant whiffs of wild flowers now transcend artistically into our collection.

Having open channels of communication with our customers help us to be exploratory of design concepts, making us avant gardists at heart.

Baobabsoul offers ready-to-wear smart casuals as well provides bespoke tailoring for those dream dresses.


A bow to our artisans

The true stars of Baobabsoul are our skilled artisans. Having embraced the slow fashion movement, Baobabsoul endeavors to provide for its employees a good work–life balance. They passionately bring Baobabsoul creations to life in an affable setting, at their own pace attending to the minutest of details of the design aspects to ensure quality.

They are trained in- house to be meticulous and deliver impeccable workmanship. They celebrate a woman’s individuality by producing understated creative clothing that aptly defines the label’s attitude.


Our inspirations

To be inspired is to grow.  To stay connected to our inspirations is to actualize our dreams.

We found our inspiration in the iconic BAOBAB tree known for its many remarkable characteristics that has rightly earned its name as ‘The tree of life’.  Our favorite style icons have also ignited the desire in us to visualize our own line of clothing. Most importantly, we owe it to our parents for the freedom given to us in discovering ourselves. They have at all times been the wind beneath our wings.

Project BAOBABSOUL is a breath of fresh air. Travelling the winding corporate pathway has helped us pick up nuances of business, helping us to put to use the filtering and evolving methods to work towards our dreams. We continue to treat ourselves with encouraged, artistic endeavors, all the while retaining the basics, as we learn to climb our own tree of life.

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We take your prerequisite and give it a silhouette to dress you up.

Boutique wear- We handcraft designs that are versatile and budget friendly.

Corporate Apparels – We deliver high quality corporate Tees/ shirts/ tunics/ uniforms etc. No minimum order with fast delivery.

Individual Customization- Find your favorite design from our collection at Baobab Soul Women’s boutique wears and talk to us!